Counting What Counts

Counting What Counts

Reframing Education Outcomes

By: Yong Zhao

Contributors: Ross C. Anderson, Kendra Coates, Brian Gearin, Yue Shen, Sarah Soltz, Michael Thier, Daisy Zhang-Negrerie

Educators must shift the evaluation paradigm to focus on a multiplicity of skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

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Counting What Counts

Overemphasizing test scores as measures of achievement is potentially harmful to education. The contributors identify key traits such as mindset, motivation, social skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit that students, teachers, and schools need to acknowledge and cultivate. Educators are asked to shift the evaluation paradigm to focus on a multiplicity of skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

  • Examine the problems with current measures of students skills.
  • Review various ways personality traits influence achievement.
  • Learn how motivational factors interact with each other.
  • Discover the importance of and how to measure global competence.
  • Appraise strategies for improving school climates.
  • Explore nonacademic qualities valuable to long-term educational outcomes.

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“In Counting What Counts, Dr. Yong Zhao and his co-authors are freedom fighters for a more humane and effective educational system. They employ the weapons of history and research to overcome the tyranny of the test. They advocate for a new world order, with assessments based on human talents and diversity.”

Dr. Milton Chen, senior fellow, George Lucas Education Foundation

“Directly assaulting our antiquated system for measuring education outcomes, Yong Zhao and his colleagues not only provide evidence of the current dangers, but pose dynamic new possibilities for Counting What Counts. The authors lay out specific actions necessary on the policy level straight through to the classroom if we want to cultivate learning environments that support creativity, innovation, greatness, and character. The chapters are intellectually rich, reflecting vibrant topics ranging from valuing diversity, personality development, entrepreneurialism, global competence, to personal motivation. It will not be possible for any educator, parent, or policymaker to look at a standardized test in the same way upon reading Yong Zhao's latest contribution to developing new solutions for the contemporary learner.”

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, president and founder, Curriculum Designers and Curriculum21

“This book is a timely challenge to our cultural obsession with data and is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of our education system, but especially for politicians and business-minded backers whose worship of tests have fundamentally and unquestioningly failed our students.”

Dr. Sharon L. Nichols, associate professor, department of educational psychology, University of Texas at San Antonio

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