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Power Struggles

Successful Techniques for Educators

By: Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler

Learn a range of easy-to-implement instructions and activities to defuse and prevent disruptive classroom behaviors.

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Power Struggles

It's every educators worst fear: losing control of the classroom. Reset the focus of challenging and resistant students with this practical resource on classroom management, discipline, and motivation. Allen and Brian Mendler re-examine the root causes of student misbehavior and offer a range of easy-to-implement instructions and activities, along with real-world stories of these strategies in action, to prevent and defuse disruptive classroom behaviors.

  • Understand the hostility cycle and how to break it.
  • Gain in-class and out-of-class strategies for relationship building.
  • Find ways to help defiant students be successful in the classroom.
  • Learn effective language to use with difficult or resistant students.
  • Use an interest inventory to stay attuned to your students' needs.

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Product Code: BKF480

ISBN: 9781935543206

Page Count: 96

Power Struggles effectively illustrates the possibility as well as the importance of maintaining dignity and respect—for both student and teacher—during difficult situations.”

Philip Ruetz, special education teacher, Evergreen Elementary School, Arizona

“The concept of mutual respect between students and teachers is one that is often forgotten, if not downright ignored. . . Allen and Brian Mendler give some great ways to remind ourselves of this and strategies for hopefully overcoming these issues.”

Rory Mack, reading teacher, East High School, Wyoming