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Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

By: William M. Ferriter

Gain strategies for reshaping the traditional classroom to give modern students opportunities to exercise choice in their curriculum and master new skills.

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Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

Motivate and inspire students to learn at high levels. By bringing meaningful work to the classroom, students will develop curiosity, become actively engaged, and have a sense of purpose for their education. Discover strategies and tips for reshaping the traditional classroom environment to give modern students opportunities to exercise choice in their curriculum, master skills, and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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  • Examine research and opinions from students and educators on which areas of education should be altered.
  • Explore the work schools have done with project-based learning, and review what students have accomplished with microlending school projects.
  • Discover the tenets of high-quality project-based learning and the impact they have on academic growth.
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of microlending.
  • Use reproducible rubrics, questions, and reflection tools.

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