William M. Ferriter

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  1. Teaching the iGeneration

    Teaching the iGeneration

    Five Easy Ways to Introduce Essential Skills With Web 2.0 Tools

    By: William M. Ferriter, Adam Garry

    Find the natural overlap between the work you already believe in and the digital tools that define today’s learning.

    Regular Price: USD$34.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  2. Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

    Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

    By: William M. Ferriter

    Gain strategies for reshaping the traditional classroom to give modern students opportunities to exercise choice in their curriculum and master new skills.

    Regular Price: USD$17.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  3. Creating a Culture of Feedback

    Creating a Culture of Feedback

    By: William M. Ferriter, Paul Cancellieri

    Discover how to shift your classroom focus to prioritize effective feedback over grades, giving students all the information they need to succeed.



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