Casey Reason

Casey Reason, PhD, is a leadership and PLC thought leader and expert in emergent, digital instructional design. He’s won national recognition from, Blackboard International, and PDK, where he was awarded book of the year.
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The Changing Role of Teacher Leaders: From Isolation to PLC to PLN

Categories: Instruction, PLC

You are so lucky to be a practitioner today. The business of Education is living today through some amazingly transformative changes and you will be able to say you were right in the middle of it! One of the most significant transformations revolves around her teachers, make adjustments, and ultimately innovate their instructional practice. In the last several decades we have made several significant shifts that will continue to shape the profession in new and innovative ways. To illustrate this, let’s talk a little about where we have been, where we are today, and where we are going.

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Digitally remote

Virtual Teams: How to Improve Instructional Practice and Jump-Start Your PLC

Categories: PLC

Schools today must continuously look for new opportunities to expand professional capacity, improve performance, and ultimately influence the continuous pursuit of better results. PLCs have a long history of having an influence on this dynamic (DuFour, DuFour, & Eaker, 2008). While serving as a principal, central office administrator, and professor, I have had the opportunity to observe PLCs at work and watch the dynamic impact of highly motivated professional teams. To that end, in an era where connectivity has been so significantly impacted by technology, how can we make thoughtful use of virtual teams in a PLC to improve professional practice?

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