A Brief History of the Future of Education

A Brief History of the Future of Education

By: Ian Jukes, Ryan L. Schaaf

Understand the digital generations (digital natives) and their potential to apply new 21st century skills using new digital learning approaches and technologies. Explore the future of education and how to transform learning.

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Teaching the digital generations and utilizing technology in the classroom

The digital age creates new demands for learners, requiring additional, next-generation skills necessary to thrive in the modern world. A Brief History of the Future of Education provides an overview of contemporary education and identifies a number of practical strategies educators can use to ensure learning stays relevant for future generations. Learn how to effectively prepare modern learners for a world that requires different and unique skill sets from previous generations.

Implement a sustainable strategy for teaching the digital generation in the face of disruptive innovation:

  • Understand how information overload and digital learning have radically changed the way students learn and what knowledge they require.
  • Consider predictions about what learning will look like in the future and explore strategies that educators and school leaders can utilize to prepare schools and next-generation learners.
  • Discover ten critical roles teachers should embrace if they want to remain relevant in the digital age and avoid the TTWWADI (That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It) mentality.
  • Learn how to leverage the nine core learning attributes that characterize today’s digital learners.
  • Learn how to approach today’s modern learners as your customers and clients and effectively incorporate new digital technologies in the classroom and into daily practice.

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