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  1. Mastering Media Literacy -88.1%
    Mastering Media Literacy

    Learn how to merge technology and instruction successfully, giving students greater access to knowledge and making learning more meaningful.

    Regular Price $42.00 Special Price $5.00


  2. Mastering Global Literacy -64.33%
    Mastering Global Literacy

    Bring global issues into the classroom and personalize them using digital tools, and find strategies for implementing global-awareness studies.

    Regular Price $42.00 Special Price $14.98


  3. Mastering Digital Literacy -64.33%
    Mastering Digital Literacy

    Teach your students to thrive in the 21st century. Understand the purpose of and gain strategies for incorporating digital literacy into the school curricula.

    Regular Price $42.00 Special Price $14.98


  4. Leading the New Literacies -63.96%
    Leading the New Literacies

    Integrate teaching practices that incorporate digital, media, and global-based learning with traditional learning to prepare students to succeed in a competitive world.

    Regular Price $48.50 Special Price $17.48


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