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Five Ways of Being

What Learning Leaders Think, Do, and Say Every Day

By: Jane Danvers, Heather De Blasio, Gavin Grift

Evolve as a school leader and agent of change with the guidance of Five Ways of Being. This research-backed resource by Hawker Brownlow will help educators encourage learning at every grade level through intentional leadership techniques.

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A research-backed resource for increasing achievement through school leadership strategies

Evolve as a school leader and agent of change with the guidance of Five Ways of Being. In this must-read guide, the authors challenge and reinvent the mindset of leadership. Each chapter outlines one of five ways of being—from forming trusting relationships to being purposeful in thought and action—that will empower you to genuinely lead learning for school staff, colleagues, and students.

  • Understand the need for a new school leadership mindset in the world of education.
  • Form strong relationships built on trust.
  • Step out of your comfort zones with courage.
  • Form the best narrative for your school and bring your vision to life.
  • Act with purpose and intentionality.
  • Encourage learning and growth through strong leadership.

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ISBN: 9781951075910

“This book is a true tool in a leader’s communication toolbox. Connecting with the messages inside Five Ways of Being will allow school leaders to develop patience, purposefulness, storytelling, and mindfulness, and to guide in everyday situations. The 6 A’s of deliberate action will be a particular high point of the book for many leaders looking for a gem of knowledge.”

Jeremy Pach, Principal, Pulaski High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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