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Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6–8

By: Suyi Chuang, Timothy D. Kanold, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Matthew R. Larson, Sarah Schuhl, Mignon Smith

Improve mathematics achievement across grades 6–8 through a collaborative unit planning process. This resource will help educators in a professional learning community (PLC) with mathematics unit planning and collaborative teaching for middle school, junior high school, and intermediate schools.

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A professional learning community guide to increasing student mathematics achievement in intermediate school

What exactly do your students need to know by the end of each unit of mathematics study throughout the school year? This practical resource empowers teacher teams to collectively plan for and deliver highly effective units of study in grades 6–8. The authors clearly outline how to generate essential learning standards, create a team unit calendar, identify prior knowledge, and complete many other essential collaborative tasks.

  • Understand how to collaboratively plan mathematics units in grades 6–8 as a professional learning community (PLC).
  • Study the seven unit-planning elements and learn how to incorporate each in essential unit design.
  • Review the role of the PLC at Work® process in enhancing student learning and teacher collaboration.
  • Observe three model units, one for each grade, for ratios and proportional reasoning.
  • Receive tools and templates for effective unit planning.

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Product Code: BKF966

ISBN: 9781951075279

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“This book intentionally guides collaborative teams of teachers through a thorough unit-planning process that ensures deep grade-level mathematics learning for every student. This process is critical for teacher teams collectively believing that every student can learn challenging mathematics content, and collectively committing to addressing the specific learning needs of individual students. Every collaborative teacher team can benefit from the unit-planning resources provided in this book to build deeper, common understandings of the most essential mathematics learnings and shared ownership of student success in learning.”

Becky Walker, assistant superintendent of academics and innovation, Howard-Suamico School District, Wisconsin

Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work, Grades 6–8 answers the question, ‘What must we do in our team planning to make a difference for our students?’ From planning essential learning standards to recording reflections and notes, this comprehensive text provides guidance for collaborative PLC teams to develop necessary structures for the critical work of planning and implementing common units.”

John W. Staley, NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education president 2015–2017, United States National Commission for Mathematics Instruction Chair 2018–2020

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