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Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools

By: Selena Fisk

Learn a streamlined 10-step process that will help you kickstart, implement, and sustain data-informed schoolwide transformation.

Due to licensing restrictions, only customers within the United States and Canada may purchase Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools from this website. Customers in any other country may purchase this product from Hawker Brownlow Education.

Due to licensing restrictions, only customers within the United States and Canada may purchase Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools from this website. Customers in any other country may purchase this title from Hawker Brownlow Education.

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Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools

Data--done right--has the power to put schools on the path to true change. Rely on this research-backed resource to help you kickstart, implement, and sustain data-informed schoolwide transformation. There are many ways to use student data, and the author's 10 steps offer practical, clear methods for establishing a data team, collecting relevant data, identifying trends, and taking evidence-based action.

  • Learn what student data is and how it can be used to help schools.
  • Understand different methods of data collection and how to use those methods to gather relevant data.
  • Use gathered data and observed trends to determine what needs changing.
  • Implement effective data-informed change in your school.
  • Reflect and assess the results of the change, and make more changes as necessary.

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Product Code: BKB014, EKB007

ISBN: 9781951075934

Published By: Solution Tree

Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools is a resource for school leaders looking for a step-by-step blueprint to transform their school sites. The process allows schools to transition from using data traditionally (for accountability and tracking) to using it for storytelling, visualization, and reflection. In short, Fisk teaches us that data is just a part of a ten-step process of school change. As a PLC school, this process allows for educators to see data as being an interdependent piece of our work, rather than defining our work.”

Eddie Velez, educational consultant and principal, John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont, California

Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools provides a fresh global perspective on the responsibility we as educators have to use data as the basis of our change processes. Selena Fisk expertly weaves in her theory of action based on the foundation of the PLC and demonstrates how the use of data ‘primes the environment’ to implement and sustain change. Each chapter is embedded with case studies that illustrate the power of each step in action and with practical strategies to aid in pushing change forward. As the leader of a model PLC, Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools provided me with the tools to examine my own practices and help my team use multiple data sources to pinpoint our next steps.”

Kathryn Madigan, acting principal, Glasgow Middle School, Lincolnia, Virginia

“It is encouraging to see a new author present the steps of data use in the context of three other models of change. Fisk recognizes the importance of cultural change as well as technical practices, and crosswalks the data work with ‘priming the environment.’ As students and teachers return from the pandemic-forced reality of gaps in access and learning, a focus on data to identify needs and support students is critical.”

Edie Holcomb, district administrator, author, and data use consultant

Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools is an authentically spoken, down-to-earth book that will resonate with practitioners. Fisk’s ten-step change process provides practical, doable action items, clearly expressed with a mix of anecdote, concept, and consequence. ‘Here’s what I know,’ says Fisk, a practical, lively, thoughtful educational leader. ‘Here’s why I think it matters. Let’s get started on the activities and discussions that will bring you up to speed. It isn’t easy. But if we can get this working, you, your staff, and your students will arrive in a more aware, more productive, and, yes, even happier place.’ Improvement rarely happens without a plan, and the better the plan, the more likely the reform. In her book, Fisk gives us an informed, workable plan.”

Robert Traver, teaching professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts

“In Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools, Selena Fisk has taken the elements of using data and broken them into ten steps—starting with setting up a data team and moving through collecting data, reporting data, analyzing data, creating an action plan, and analyzing the impact. The examples and appendix are especially helpful. This book serves as an important guide for any school using data to engage in improvement.”

Victoria L. Bernhardt, author, Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement and Measuring What We Do in Schools: How to Know If What We Are Doing Is Making a Difference

“In clear and concise prose, Selena Fisk makes a compelling case for the important place of data in school improvement initiatives. She puts the need for educators to focus on and become skillful with collaborative inquiry into data squarely within the current context of teaching and learning. Drawing from her rich experience working with schools, she offers practical methods for establishing a climate for change, and then introduces and makes accessible the complex set of skills necessary to do so.

Selena describes ten steps toward effective and systematic data-informed leadership that lay out a clear pathway to success. Each step is illuminated in its own chapter, along with ample examples and strategies. Key summaries and reflection questions at the end of each chapter give busy practitioners a straightforward approach to the journey. This book will be a go-to resource for leaders who value continuous learning and seek to shape and sustain a learning culture in their organizations.”

Laura Lipton, Co-Director of MiraVia and author, Got Data? Now What? Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry
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