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Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now!

By: Meg Ormiston

Discover powerful, yet practical methods to incorporate technology into daily instruction, and prepare students for lifelong learning in a global society.

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Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now!

Unite pedagogy and technology to inspire systemic school change. The author offers powerful, yet practical methods to incorporate technology into daily instruction and prepare students for lifelong learning in a global society. Explore digital tools that help seamlessly incorporate the technology-rich world into the classroom, understand how to use media for deeper learning, and examine a new approach to engagement and recognition.

  • Use technology to link educational theory and effective classroom instruction.
  • Involve students in their learning using engaging websites, apps, software, and other media.
  • Empower students to solve real-world problems.
  • Create a common language about lesson design, delivery, and assessment.
  • Acquire tech-savvy strategies for providing effective feedback and assessment.
  • Reflect on chapter-ending questions individually or in small groups.

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Product Code: BKF633

ISBN: 9781936763603

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 136

“This resource presents a compelling discussion of how pedagogy leads technology in the classroom to create desired student learning outcomes. Ormiston depicts a mechanistic approach to using technology in the classroom, which ignores the connection between pedagogy and technology and the need for change. To address this, she offers inspiring strategies for using social media, software, apps, and technology devices to engage students in a collaborative learning setting.”

Mabel Okojie, professor, instructional systems and workforce education, Mississippi State University

“These forces of change, pedagogy, and technology are coming together. Closing the classroom door and repeating the lesson plans of the past is no longer a viable option. Learning becomes transparent, and the world becomes the classroom ... Educators must adopt new teaching methods or pedagogies to transform learning and prepare students to meet the challenges of a changing world and society in which authentic global collaboration and the capacity for continuous learning and relearning are requirements for success”

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