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  1. Mathematics in a PLC at Work® Summit

    Mathematics in a PLC at Work® Summit

    Atlanta, Georgia  |  December 11–13, 2019

    Presenters: Bill Barnes, Jennifer Deinhart, Timothy D. Kanold, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Sarah Schuhl, Mona Toncheff

    The Mathematics in a PLC at Work® Summit is led by educational thought leaders and acclaimed authors of the new book series Every Student Can Learn Mathematics. Committed to helping you design an effective K–12 mathematics program, these mathematics experts will share research-affirmed and proven strategies for your classroom, school, and district.

    Regular Price: USD$689.00

    Early Bird Price: USD$659.00

    Seats available

  2. Mathematics at Work™ Workshop
    2-Day Workshop

    Mathematics at Work™ Workshop

    New Orleans, Louisiana  |  October 9–10, 2019

    Presenters: Timothy D. Kanold, Sarah Schuhl

    Learn how to prepare and develop meaningful mathematics instruction and assessment processes with the rigor and coherence expected by all states.


    Seats available

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