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Getting By or Getting Better

Applying Effective Schools Research to Todays Issues

By: Wayne Hulley, Linda Dier

Real stories of exemplary schools offer proof that the seven correlates of effective schools create a powerful framework for school improvement today.

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Getting By or Getting Better

Learn how 14 schools became exemplary using excellent planning processes and action steps for total school improvement. Building on their work in Harbors of Hope, the authors reveal seven lessons for success based on the correlates of effective schools. Equip yourself with viable, practical school improvement strategies that are supported by a solid research base.

  • Learn the most important lessons on embedding change throughout an entire school or system.
  • Create shared leadership to ensure shared commitment.
  • Use the right data, and the right amount of data, to measure and grow student learning.
  • Understand why collaborative teaching is the best means to create and support 21st century learning.
  • Explore how ongoing professional development for teachers leads to better student learning outcomes.
  • Align districts for powerful problem-solving momentum and continuous improvement.

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