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  1. HEART! PD Playlist

    HEART! PD Playlist

    Featuring: Timothy D. Kanold, Sharon V. Kramer, Mike Mattos, Eric Twadell

    The HEART! PD Playlist offers 23 short videos based on the inspiring bestseller by Timothy D. Kanold. In them, presenters explore the concepts of Happiness, Engagement, Alliances, Risk, and Thought in your career in the teaching profession—coming together to create a heartprint. Gain personal development plan ideas and self-care for teacher motivation.


  2. Transforming School Culture PD Playlist

    Transforming School Culture PD Playlist

    Featuring: Anthony Muhammad, Tim Brown, Luis F. Cruz, Richard DuFour

    Transform a toxic school culture with professional development videos from education experts Anthony Muhammad, Richard DuFour, Tim Brown, and Luis F. Cruz. Designed to aid school leadership in creating a positive school culture, these videos will help guide your school improvement plan toward success and learning for all.


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