Digital Learning

Supporting 1:1 and BYOD district implementation plans

Ignite students’ love of learning with engaging, interactive instruction. Partner with our leading technology experts to develop a digital learning plan that brings classrooms to life. Using state-of-the-art tools like Michael Fullan’s Digital Innovation Index, we’ll guide you every step of the way as you integrate top-notch instructional and assessment strategies to ensure every student becomes a successful 21st century global citizen.

21st Century Global Citizens









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Custom-built sessions for your district

Planning and Decision Making

Create a blueprint for systematic change and instructional technology implementation across your district. Results from the Digital Innovation Index, a practical evaluation tool by Michael Fullan and Katelyn Donnelly, will be used as a guide to focus policy making and decision making around digital innovations.

  • Select stakeholders.
  • Develop a vision.
  • Determine budgets and select resources.
  • Lead a digital learning initiative.
  • Establish ubiquitous access to technology.

Length: Two days on-site with an expert

Audience: District-based teams of teacher leaders, technology leaders, and district leaders

Personalized Learning

This service is designed specifically for district-level teams of representatives from schools, leadership, and technology. Teams will recommend and implement digital policies and practices, platform and access procedures, and digital tools and resources.

  • Focus on student-centered learning.
  • Use digital tools.
  • Encourage student connectivity.
  • Promote inquiry-based learning.
  • Foster student engagement and investment.
  • Establish project-based learning.

Length: Four days on-site with an expert

Audience: District- and site-based leaders and instructional technology leaders

Pedagogy and Practice: Digital Leader Academy

Participants will deepen pedagogy and instructional practices that draw on the power of technology and digital tools. Three varied opportunities for teams include: (1) on-site workshops, (2) virtual content and collaboration, and (3) a showcase of exemplary digital learning practices.

  • Ensure standards-based alignment.
  • Provide digitally rich instruction.
  • Create a professional learning community.
  • Build teacher and student partnerships.
  • Acquire digital tools for assessment.
  • Implement effective pedagogy.

Three two-day sessions for an elementary academy
Three two-day sessions for a secondary academy
Four custom webinars
Virtual coaching (in bundles of 10 hours)

Audience: School-based team members who will become schoolwide facilitators

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