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Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools

By: Kenneth C. Williams

Learn how to give your students a physically and emotionally safe learning environment with conflict management strategies, crisis planning, bullying prevention tips, and much more.

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Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools

Do your students arrive every morning to a welcoming, supportive school environment? Do they trust you and your teachers to keep them safe? Learn how you and your teachers can nurture supportive relationships with students, develop conflict management strategies, prevent different forms of bullying, establish high expectations for students and staff, and encourage celebration. Youll also see why parent involvement creates a positive and welcoming school atmosphere.

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  • Learn how to integrate conflict management strategies into the school building.
  • Find out how to introduce schoolwide standards for student and staff problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Develop an effective whole-school policy for behavior and discipline that focuses on teaching behavioral expectations.
  • Discover how reinforcement and positive rewards can improve student behavior and achievement
  • Identify ways to address and prevent bullying, including cyberbullying.
  • Explore crisis planning and prevention tips.

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Product Code: BKF451

ISBN: 9781935542780

Published By: National Association of Elementary School Principals

Page Count: 80

“Creating a warm, inviting, and emotionally secure school climate must be a priority of every principal. Ken Williams provides specific strategies to help principals focus the attention of the entire school community on creating such an environment. He rejects the false dichotomy that schools can either emphasize the academic achievement or the emotional well-being of their students. Ken calls for both, and I hope every reader of this book will heed that call.“

Richard DuFour, author and consultant

“A great tool for school leaders. With clear strategies and specific examples, principals will have a direct path to follow to change their school culture and create an emotionally and physically safe school.“

Michael D. Bayewitz, principal, Broad Acres Elementary, Maryland

“Unless children and adults within the school building feel secure and respected, effective teaching and learning are virtually impossible. Williams provides the proven practices needed to create a caring learning community in which every student and staff member can thrive and succeed.”

Mike Mattos, author of Pyramid Response to Intervention and PLC at Work™ associate

“A go-to resource for instruction on building a secure, student-centered learning environment. Williams provides straightforward steps to create physical and emotional security in schools.”

Michelle Thigpen, principal, Beulaville Elementary School, North Carolina

“A home run! This book should be in the hands of every administrator in America. If schools are to fulfill their moral purpose of educating all children at high levels, certain critical pieces have to be in place. In this incredibly easy-to-read book, Ken lays the foundation for the important work to be accomplished. Students and adults have to feel safe in order for high levels of learning to take place. As a principal of a new school, I will use the principles, practical ideas, and strategies Ken outlines to help create a schoolwide culture that honors every student and adult by ensuring that they feel physically and emotionally secure.”

Brian Butler, author and PLC at Work™ associate
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