Poor Students, Richer Teaching

Poor Students, Richer Teaching

Mindsets That Raise Student Achievement

By: Eric Jensen

Discover three new mindsets in this companion to the the best-selling Poor Students, Rich Teaching. Use the included strategies to strengthen student engagement, resilience, and academic optimism in the face of student poverty. With the right mindsets, college and career readiness is possible for all students.

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How to motivate students to learn in the face of poverty using mindsets in the classroom

This research-based teacher resource details the difficult but necessary work that K–12 teachers must undertake to positively impact the college and career readiness of students living in poverty. A companion to Poor Students, Rich Teaching, this book outlines three new mindsets that enhance teaching and strengthen students’ learning: the positivity mindset, enrichment mindset, and graduation mindset. Author Eric Jensen includes implementation strategies and lesson-planning tools designed to increase student engagement and success.

This book will help you use mindsets in the classroom to motivate students to learn.

  • Understand the urgency of student poverty in the United States and how poverty affects classroom engagement, student success, and high school graduation rates.
  • Learn how to engage students in the three mindsets to strengthen an attitude of academic optimism, hope, and resilience.
  • Positively influence students’ social emotional learning to impact achievement and increase college- and career-readiness skills.
  • Build students’ cognitive load capacity and social skills to support learning in spite of the challenges they face.
  • Communicate the importance of learner autonomy and choice in motivation for students.

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