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  1. Eric C. Sheninger

    Eric C. Sheninger


    Eric C. Sheninger, a high school principal, focuses on establishing and fostering learning environments that are student-centered, collaborative, flexible, and designed to prepare all learners to succeed in the 21st century.

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  2. Mary Shay

    Mary Shay

    Professional Learning Communities

    Mary Shay, EdD, is director of innovation and equity for the Littleton Public School District in Colorado. Dr. Shay started her career in education as an elementary teacher in Nebraska.

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  3. Dean Shareski

    Dean Shareski

    Student Engagement

    Dean Shareski is the community manager for Discovery Education Canada. He has served as a teacher, digital learning consultant, and university lecturer. In 2010, he won the ISTE Award for Outstanding Leader of the Year.

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  4. Tina Merriweather Seymour

    Tina Merriweather Seymour

    Leadership School Improvement

    Tina (Merriweather) Seymour is a veteran principal and leadership coach with 21 years of experience in urban education. She began her educational career in 1998 as a middle school language arts teacher.

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  5. Kathryn Sever

    Kathryn Sever

    Professional Learning Communities

    Kathryn Sever has 35 years of experience as a public school educator in Maine and New York. She has been a classroom teacher, building administrator, and director of education.

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  6. Alejandro Segura-Mora

    Alejandro Segura-Mora

    Alejandro Segura-Mora, PhD, is a facilitator, consultant, and national speaker who is dedicated to helping individuals and learning organizations enhance the inner and outer dynamics of improvement.

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  7. Sarah Schuhl

    Sarah Schuhl

    Assessment Mathematics Response to Intervention

    Sarah Schuhl is a consultant specializing in professional learning communities, mathematics, assessment, school improvement, and RTI. She has been a secondary mathematics teacher, high school instructional coach, and K–12 mathematics specialist.

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  8. Connie Schrock

    Connie Schrock


    Connie Schrock, PhD, is a professor of mathematics, computer science, and economics at Emporia State University. She also leads a task force that supports the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.

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  9. Vic Schneidman

    Vic Schneidman

    Classroom Management & Behavior

    Vic Schneidman has more than forty years of teaching experience, which has allowed him to write and direct grants for peer mediation and conflict resolution, serve as a department chair, and adopt science textbooks for the state of California.

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  10. Julie A. Schmidt

    Julie A. Schmidt

    Response to Intervention Special Needs

    Julie A. Schmidt is superintendent of schools for Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96 in Illinois. The district began its professional learning community journey 17 years ago, and all seven schools have been recognized as model PLCs.

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