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  1. Alexander McNeece

    Alexander McNeece

    School Improvement

    Alexander McNeece is director of instruction and state and federal grants for Garden City School District in Michigan. He is also a children’s book author and award-winning former principal of Douglas Elementary School.

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  2. LeAnn Nickelsen

    LeAnn Nickelsen

    Assessment Brain-Compatible Learning Differentiated Instruction Family & Community Instruction Literacy

    LeAnn Nickelsen, an author and a former teacher, is an expert on brain research strategies, best practices in literacy, and other high-impact tools that close and prevent gaps in high-poverty schools.

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  3. Maria Nielsen

    Maria Nielsen

    Assessment Response to Intervention

    Maria Nielsen, consultant and author, specializes in supporting teachers and administrators in the areas of PLCs, RTI, school culture, curriculum design, the highly engaged classroom, and assessment systems. Her life’s work is to help schools build successful systems to ensure high levels of student learning.

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  4. Edward C. Nolan

    Edward C. Nolan


    Edward C. Nolan is a master teacher with the UTeach program at Towson University in Towson, Maryland, supporting undergraduate students seeking secondary mathematics and science education degrees.

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  5. Kit Norris

    Kit Norris


    Kit Norris is an award-winning educator, consultant, and author who currently specializes in supporting teacher teams as they implement best practices in mathematics. As a former mathematics educator, administrator, and supervisor, she understands that teacher collaboration serves as a vehicle for improved student achievement.

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  6. Geri Parscale

    Geri Parscale

    Curriculum Response to Intervention

    Geri Parscale spent 28 years in education and has worked as a classroom teacher, principal, professional development director, and finally deputy superintendent of Fort Leavenworth Schools, USD 207. Her mode of operation was always the same: learning for all kids.

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  7. Brian M. Pete

    Brian M. Pete

    21st Century Skills Classroom Management & Behavior Differentiated Instruction Leadership Literacy Professional Learning Communities

    Brian M. Pete comes from a family of educators—college professors, school superintendents, teachers, and teachers of teachers. He has a rich background in professional development and has worked with adult learners.

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  8. Carol Rothenberg

    Carol Rothenberg

    Differentiated Instruction English Learners Literacy

    Carol Rothenberg has worked with elementary and secondary schools through the New Arrival Center for the San Diego Unified School District, training teachers and administrators on effective programs and instruction for English learners.

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  9. George J. Roy

    George J. Roy


    George J. Roy, PhD, is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of South Carolina. He teaches mathematics methods courses in the Department of Instruction and Teacher Education.

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  10. Julie A. Schmidt

    Julie A. Schmidt

    Response to Intervention Special Needs

    Julie A. Schmidt is superintendent of schools for Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96 in Illinois. The district began its professional learning community journey 17 years ago, and all seven schools have been recognized as model PLCs.

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