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  1. Katie Stover Kelly

    Katie Stover Kelly

    Literacy Reading Student Engagement Technology

    Katie Stover Kelly, PhD, is an associate professor of education at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. A former elementary teacher and literacy coach, her research interests include teacher preparation and development in the areas of literacy instruction and assessment.

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  2. Diane Lapp

    Diane Lapp

    Instruction Literacy Reading

    Diane Lapp, EdD, is a distinguished professor of education at San Diego State University and an English teacher and literacy coach at Health Sciences High and Middle College.

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  3. Jacie Maslyk

    Jacie Maslyk

    Instruction Literacy

    Jacie Maslyk, EdD has more than two decades of experience in education. She has previously served as a teacher, reading specialist, elementary principal, and assistant superintendent.

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  4. Barbara Moss

    Barbara Moss

    Instruction Literacy Reading

    Barbara Moss, PhD, is a professor at San Diego State University, where she teaches courses at the credential and master’s levels. She has worked as a teacher at every grade level from 1 to 12 over the course of her career.

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  5. LeAnn Nickelsen

    LeAnn Nickelsen

    Assessment Brain-Compatible Learning Differentiated Instruction Family & Community Instruction Literacy

    LeAnn Nickelsen, an author and a former teacher, is an expert on brain research strategies, best practices in literacy, and other high-impact tools that close and prevent gaps in high-poverty schools.

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  6. Sandi Novak

    Sandi Novak

    Instruction Literacy

    Sandi Novak, a consultant, has more than 30 years of experience in education and has served as an assistant superintendent, principal, and teacher.

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  7. Angela Peery

    Angela Peery

    Instruction Literacy Reading

    Angela Peery, EdD, is a consultant and author with more than three decades of experience as an educator. Since 2003, she has made over a thousand presentations and has authored or coauthored thirteen books.

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  8. Kathy Perez

    Kathy Perez

    English Learners Instruction Literacy Reading Special Needs

    Kathy Perez, EdD, is a professor emerita at Saint Mary’s College of California. She has extensive teaching experience as a general and special educator, literacy/ESL coach, administrator, and curriculum/staff-development coordinator.

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  9. Brian M. Pete

    Brian M. Pete

    21st Century Skills Classroom Management & Behavior Differentiated Instruction Leadership Literacy Professional Learning Communities

    Brian M. Pete comes from a family of educators—college professors, school superintendents, teachers, and teachers of teachers. He has a rich background in professional development and has worked with adult learners.

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  10. Kristine E. Pytash

    Kristine E. Pytash


    Kristine E. Pytash, PhD, is assistant professor of teaching, learning, and curriculum studies at Kent State University and codirector of the secondary Integrated Language Arts Teacher Preparation Program.

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