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  1. Timothy V. Rasinski

    Timothy V. Rasinski

    Literacy Reading

    Timothy V. Rasinski, PhD, is a professor of literacy education at Kent State University. He focuses on reading fluency and word study, reading in the elementary and middle grades, and readers who struggle.

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  2. Carol Rothenberg

    Carol Rothenberg

    Differentiated Instruction English Learners Literacy

    Carol Rothenberg has worked with elementary and secondary schools through the New Arrival Center for the San Diego Unified School District, training teachers and administrators on effective programs and instruction for English learners.

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  3. William S. Roulston

    William S. Roulston

    Literacy Reading School Improvement Youth at Risk

    William S. Roulston is a consultant, researcher, and author. He works with schools and nonprofits to set up effective intervention programs for struggling adolescent readers, and researches best instructional and institutional practices for them.

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  4. Jan Rozzelle

    Jan Rozzelle


    Jan Rozzelle, EdD, has developed leadership programs for superintendents, principals, and teachers. She’s also provided professional development to several school districts and directs a statewide adolescent literacy project for instructional leadership teams.

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  5. Maureen M. Rubenstein

    Maureen M. Rubenstein

    Literacy Professional Learning Communities Reading Science

    Maureen M. Rubenstein is a literacy coach and special education instructor in Lincolnshire, Illinois. She works with other literacy coaches to coordinate and implement book clubs, PD sessions, and coaching sessions.

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  6. Laurie Robinson Sammons

    Laurie Robinson Sammons

    Literacy Response to Intervention

    Laurie Robinson Sammons uses her expertise to help K–12 schools develop and implement sustainable best practices for a variety of topics and initiatives, including PLCs, curriculum design, assessment, instructional practice, intervention, and differentiation.

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  7. Carol Scearce

    Carol Scearce

    Literacy Teams

    Carol Scearce has three major areas of focus: adolescent literacy, her most recent focus; effective teaching strategies; and team building for leadership and middle school teams.

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  8. Marisol Thayre

    Marisol Thayre

    Instruction Literacy

    Marisol Thayre is a teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College in California. She teaches American literature and expository writing to upper division students of varying abilities and levels.

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  9. Javier Vaca

    Javier Vaca

    Instruction Literacy

    Javier Vaca is a teacher and instructional coach at Health Sciences High and Middle School in California. He previously served as an elementary school teacher and a reading intervention specialist.

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  10. Brian Wise

    Brian Wise

    Literacy Reading Science

    Brian Wise is a literacy coach and English teacher at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. He specializes in building teacher capacity for embedding literacy skills into classroom instruction and assessment.

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