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  1. John Hannigan

    John Hannigan

    Professional Learning Communities

    John Hannigan, EdD, is an executive leadership coach for Fresno County Superintendent of Schools in California. Dr. Hannigan has served in education for more than 16 years as a principal, assistant principal, instructional coach, and teacher.

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  2. Aaron Hansen

    Aaron Hansen

    Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Aaron Hansen is an internationally recognized author and speaker who focuses on empowering teachers and their leaders using PLC and RTI principles.

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  3. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen is director of curriculum in the Hortonville (Wisconsin) Area School District, assisting in the implementation and refinement of professional learning communities. He has served as a teacher, director of technology, and director of learning.

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  4. Jacqueline Heller

    Jacqueline Heller

    Jacqueline Heller focuses on building capacity and collective efficacy with teachers, to ensure all students learn at high levels. As a literacy teacher and coach at Mason Crest Elementary, she helped the school become the first National Model Professional Learning Community to receive the DuFour Award.

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  5. Allana Hemenway

    Allana Hemenway

    Professional Learning Communities

    Allana Hemenway, EdD, is the principal at Randolph Elementary School in Texas. She has more than 20 years of experience teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, in both the United States and Canada.

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  6. Mary Hendricks-Harris

    Mary Hendricks-Harris

    Mary Hendricks-Harris is the superintendent of the Francis Howell School District in Missouri. Previously, she served as the chief academic officer, in which role she supported improvement efforts at both the building and district levels.

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  7. Erica Hidalgo

    Erica Hidalgo

    Professional Learning Communities

    Erica Hidalgo is the director of elementary programs with Los Lunas Schools in New Mexico. She is passionate about a school principal’s role in organizational transformation and a teacher’s ability to impact a student’s life.

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  8. Jason Hillman

    Jason Hillman

    Jason Hillman is principal of Parkside Elementary School in Wyoming. As a consultant, he has spent more than a decade studying and researching leadership strategies in professional learning communities.

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  9. David Hoss

    David Hoss

    David Hoss is elementary principal of Singapore American School. He has built a powerful professional learning community in his school that focuses on the success of all students.

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  10. Susan B. Huff

    Susan B. Huff

    Susan B. Huff, EdD, has retired as principal of Spanish Oaks Elementary School in Utah after 34 years in public education. Previously, she was principal of Santaquin Elementary and Westside Elementary.

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