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  1. Lindsay Yearta

    Lindsay Yearta

    Literacy Reading Student Engagement Technology

    Lindsay Yearta, PhD, is an assistant professor of education at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Lindsay specializes in digital literacies, critical literacy, and the use of digital tools to meet the needs of students.

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  2. Janet Lynne Tassell

    Janet Lynne Tassell

    21st Century Skills Curriculum Instruction Technology

    Janet Lynne Tassell, PhD, is an associate professor at Western Kentucky University, where she teaches elementary math methods and directs the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement program.

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  3. Rebecca Stobaugh

    Rebecca Stobaugh

    21st Century Skills Assessment Curriculum Instruction Technology

    Rebecca Stobaugh, PhD, is an assistant professor at Western Kentucky University. She teaches assessment and unit-planning courses, supervises first-year teachers, and consults with school districts on critical thinking, instructional strategies, assessment, technology integration, and other topics.

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  4. Eric C. Sheninger

    Eric C. Sheninger


    Eric C. Sheninger, a high school principal, focuses on establishing and fostering learning environments that are student-centered, collaborative, flexible, and designed to prepare all learners to succeed in the 21st century.

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  5. Roger Schank

    Roger Schank

    21st Century Skills Technology

    Roger Schank, PhD, is CEO and founder of Socratic Arts, Inc. and director and founder of Engines for Education, Inc. Previously, he was chief learning officer of Trump University.

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  6. Ryan Schaaf

    Ryan Schaaf

    21st Century Skills Instruction Technology

    Ryan L. Schaaf is an assistant professor of educational technology at Notre Dame of Maryland University and a faculty associate for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

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  7. Kipp D. Rogers

    Kipp D. Rogers

    21st Century Skills Technology

    Kipp D. Rogers, PhD, is director of secondary instruction for York County Schools in Virginia. With nearly 20 years of experience in education, Dr. Rogers has classroom teaching and instructional leadership experience at all levels in urban and suburban schools.

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  8. Will Richardson

    Will Richardson

    21st Century Skills School Improvement Technology

    Will Richardson is known internationally for his work with educators and students to understand and implement instructional technologies and, more specifically, the tools of the Read/Write Web into their schools, classrooms, and communities.

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  9. Lisa Reason

    Lisa Reason


    Lisa Reason, PhD, has been teaching and designing digital graduate curriculum for more than twelve years. She successfully led the development of numerous masters’ and doctoral programs and is widely recognized as an expert in online learning.

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  10. Jason T. Ramsden

    Jason T. Ramsden


    Jason T. Ramsden is chief technology officer for Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since 1997, his work has focused on improving technology and communication in schools.

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