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  1. Maria Nielsen

    Maria Nielsen

    Assessment Response to Intervention

    Maria Nielsen, consultant and author, specializes in supporting teachers and administrators in the areas of PLCs, RTI, school culture, curriculum design, the highly engaged classroom, and assessment systems. Her life’s work is to help schools build successful systems to ensure high levels of student learning.

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  2. Carol Rothenberg

    Carol Rothenberg

    Differentiated Instruction English Learners Literacy

    Carol Rothenberg has worked with elementary and secondary schools through the New Arrival Center for the San Diego Unified School District, training teachers and administrators on effective programs and instruction for English learners.

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  3. Nanci N. Smith

    Nanci N. Smith

    Instruction Mathematics

    Nanci N. Smith, PhD, has 14 years of experience as a consultant. She specializes in mathematics, curriculum and assessment development and implementation, and differentiated instruction.

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  4. Rebecca L. Stinson

    Rebecca L. Stinson


    Rebecca L. Stinson has over 20 years in education. Her roles include teacher, educational planner, and principal in the Chicago Public School System, where she has worked for the past several years.

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  5. Marisol Thayre

    Marisol Thayre

    Instruction Literacy

    Marisol Thayre is a teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College in California. She teaches American literature and expository writing to upper division students of varying abilities and levels.

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  6. Javier Vaca

    Javier Vaca

    Instruction Literacy

    Javier Vaca is a teacher and instructional coach at Health Sciences High and Middle School in California. He previously served as an elementary school teacher and a reading intervention specialist.

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