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Mandy Stalets

Mandy Stalets is a teacher and learner who is passionate about sound assessment and grading practices, as well as standards-based learning. Along with her consulting work, she is currently a high school mathematics teacher at Illinois State University’s laboratory schools.

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Mandy Stalets

Mandy Stalets is a teacher, author, consultant, and a passionate learner who focuses her work on sound assessment and grading practices, as well as standards-based learning and grading. She is a national board-certified high school mathematics teacher at Illinois State University’s laboratory schools and has also worked as a middle school mathematics teacher.

In 2010, Mandy implemented standards-based learning and grading in her classroom and was an integral part in making that change school- and districtwide. She has successfully used standards-based grading in her middle and high school mathematics classrooms ever since and is passionate about helping other educators and schools on their journey.

Mandy works with teachers, undergraduate students, and school districts nationwide to improve assessment and grading practices to maximize communication and student success. She provides rationale for the need for change in our current grading practices, as well as practical steps for implementation. Mandy is also the co-moderator of Solution Tree’s assessment Twitter chat, #ATAssess, where educators can come together to collaborate and improve their assessment practices.

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