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  1. Professional Learning Communities at Work® Plan Book

    Professional Learning Communities at Work® Plan Book

    By: Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker

    With space for eight class periods, this process book helps collaborative teacher teams address crucial, teacher-specific PLC concepts.



  2. The Kids Left Behind

    The Kids Left Behind

    Catching Up the Underachieving Children of Poverty

    By: Robert D. Barr, William H. Parrett

    Foreword by: Kati Haycock

    Successfully reach and teach the underachieving children of poverty with the help of this comprehensive resource.



  3. Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

    Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

    Over 90 Activities for Developing Character, Responsibility, and the Courage to Achieve

    By: Laurie S. Frank, Ambrose Panico

    Engaging activities encourage your students to create a classroom community that supports character development, academic excellence, and individual and social responsibility.



  4. Total Instructional Alignment

    Total Instructional Alignment

    From Standards to Student Success

    By: Lisa Carter

    Foreword by: Lawrence W. Lezotte

    Replace an antiquated education system with a flexible, proactive one that ensures learning for all by focusing on three important domains of the alignment process.



  5. The Power of Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    The Power of Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Bringing the Big Ideas to Life

    By: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker

    This video series explores eight diverse schools implementing PLC at Work concepts. Watch teachers and administrators engage in candid conversations and collaborative meetings to improve student learning.



  6. MORE What Do I Do When . . . ?

    MORE What Do I Do When . . . ?

    Powerful Strategies to Promote Positive Behavior

    By: Allen N. Mendler

    Counter negative student behavior with positive actions that preserve dignity. This resource provides 60 powerful, proven strategies for reaching challenging students.



  7. A Leader's Companion

    A Leader's Companion

    Inspiration for Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    By: Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour

    Treat yourself to daily moments of reflection with inspirational quotes collected from a decade of work by renowned PLC experts.

    Regular Price: USD$17.95

    Special Price: USD$13.46


  8. Ahead of the Curve

    Ahead of the Curve

    The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

    Edited by: Douglas Reeves

    Contributors: Larry Ainsworth, Lisa Almeida, Anne Davies, Richard DuFour, Linda Gregg, Thomas R. Guskey, Robert J. Marzano, Ken O'Connor, Douglas Reeves, Rick Stiggins, Stephen White, Dylan Wiliam

    Leaders in education contribute their perspectives on effective assessment design and implementation, sending out a call for redirecting assessment to improve student achievement and inform instruction.



  9. The PRIME Leadership Framework

    The PRIME Leadership Framework

    Principles and Indicators for Mathematics Education Leaders

    By: National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

    Learn leadership principles and action indicators essential for equity and excellence in mathematics. The NCSM framework for dialogue and collaborative action includes reproducibles, reflective questions, and additional resources.



  10. Focused Instruction

    Focused Instruction

    An Innovative Teaching Model for All Learners

    By: Gwen Doty

    Effectively respond to diverse learning styles and achievement levels with strategies and reproducible tools that help you customize, scaffold, and layer your instruction.



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