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Building Great Mental Health Professional–Teacher Teams

A Systematic Approach to Social-Emotional Learning for Students and Educators

By: Tonya Balch, Brandie M. Oliver, Chavez Phelps, Bradley V. Balch

Foreword by: Erin Stalbaum

Learn how teachers, school counselors, psychologists, and social workers can harness their collective power to support the complex needs of students through meaningful team building. Foster productive social-emotional learning (SEL) that promotes a whole-child education.

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A team-building resource for improving student well-being through social-emotional learning (SEL)

Teaching is no longer only about academics—it has become about educating the whole child. Practical and research-based, this resource empowers teachers, school counselors, psychologists, and social workers to harness their collective power to support learners in their social-emotional lives. Discover how to form teams, navigate group challenges, and collectively pave the pathway to meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable student success.

  • Discover how cognitive science and neuroscience can help educators better understand challenging students and plan interventions.
  • Understand why teams, rather than just groups, matter and how they can achieve true team cohesion through practical advice for connection building and goal setting.
  • Develop greater sensitivity to the needs of a diverse array of students, and discover ways to build trust, respect, and inclusivity within schools.
  • Learn how to examine and resist one’s own implicit biases.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how social-emotional learning (SEL) positively impacts students and classrooms and how to incorporate it into everyday instruction.
  • Access professional development activities designed to help teams enact each chapter’s content and strengthen the group dynamic.

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