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  1. Different Schools for a Different World

    Different Schools for a Different World

    By: Scott McLeod, Dean Shareski

    Explore six key arguments for why educators must approach schooling differently and learn how schools are tackling each argument head-on.



  2. EMPOWER Your Students

    EMPOWER Your Students

    Tools to Inspire a Meaningful School Experience, Grades 6–12

    By: Lauren Porosoff, Jonathan Weinstein

    Discover how to use the elements of EMPOWER—exploration, motivation, participation, openness, willingness, empathy, and resilience—to make school a positive, meaningful experience for students.



  3. Softening the Edges

    Softening the Edges

    Assessment Practices That Honor K–12 Teachers and Learners

    By: Katie White

    Foreword by: Cassandra Erkens

    Choose soft edges over hard edges to deliver assessment for learning and student engagement. Align students’ and teachers’ needs with assessment practices meant to meet learning targets. Use responsible assessment methods to smoothly guide students so confidence grows and their experiences are positive and relevant.



  4. The New Art and Science of Teaching

    The New Art and Science of Teaching

    By: Robert J. Marzano

    This title is a greatly expanded volume of the original The Art and Science of Teaching, offering a framework for substantive change based on Dr. Marzano’s 50 years of education research.



  5. Making Learning Flow

    Making Learning Flow

    By: John Spencer

    Rethink student engagement and bring flow to the classroom to inspire students to love learning and reach optimal achievement.



  6. Embracing a Culture of Joy

    Embracing a Culture of Joy

    By: Dean Shareski

    Discover how to equip students with the skills and qualities they’ll need to achieve academic success, by bringing joy to classrooms each day.



  7. Poor Students, Rich Teaching Bundle

    Poor Students, Rich Teaching Bundle

    By: Eric Jensen

    This bundle examines how poverty affects children across the nation and offers strategies for ensuring all students, regardless of circumstance, are college and career ready.



  8. The Roots Collection

  9. Managing the Inner World of Teaching

    Managing the Inner World of Teaching

    Emotions, Interpretations, and Actions

    By: Robert J. Marzano, Jana S. Marzano

    Cultivate a positive mindset, and choose productive actions by examining your emotions and interpretations in the classroom and understanding factors that influence your decisions.



  10. Awaken the Learner

    Awaken the Learner

    Finding the Source of Effective Education

    By: Darrell Scott, Robert J. Marzano

    Examine how a change in teaching philosophy can help awaken the passion for learning in students. Learn how to promote kindness in the classroom, and understand the power of stories in engaging students



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