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Beyond Self-Care

Leading a Systemic Approach to Well-Being for Educators

By: Gail Markin

Foreword by: Sabre Cherkowski

Wellness for teachers and support staff means so much more than taking time for self-care. It requires systemwide change supported by leadership. This book provides K–12 administrators with a framework and tools to address the stress that impacts daily life for the majority of educators.

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Format: Paperback

A practical guide for K–12 leaders to create systemic change that fosters staff wellness

So often, educators’ conversations about well-being begin and end with self-care, without addressing all aspects of educator wellness. Author Gail Markin explores the importance of well-being at individual, group, and system levels, as well as the role of leadership in supporting cultures of well-being. Using research-based practices and excerpts of conversations from working educators, Markin delivers a guidebook to healthier, more passionate schools.

This book will help K–12 leaders:

  • Understand why well-being matters in education
  • Learn about research-based, SEL-focused self-care practices
  • Improve their leadership skills to better support well-being in their school community
  • Access real-world examples that illustrate how these practices work
  • Build better systems to improve both personal and collective well-being

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Product Code: BKG079

ISBN: 9781954631274

Published By: Solution Tree

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