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Bolstering Student Resilience

Creating a Classroom with Consistency, Connection, and Compassion

By: Jason E. Harlacher, Sara Whitcomb

Move beyond the buzzwords surrounding social-emotional learning and focus on three fundamentals for successfully supporting your students. This book illuminates the why behind the work and offers proven strategies for building positive, supportive classrooms.

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Bolstering Student Resilience

Consistency, connection, and compassion are the cornerstones to helping students choose and practice successful behaviors and coping skills. Bolstering Student Resilience illustrates what this looks like in action. Drawing from classroom experience, the authors demystify the buzzwords to keep you focused on the right work. Explore research that supports the why behind this work, then dive into specific strategies you can use immediately.

  • Create predictable, safe classrooms by establishing clear structures for routines, acknowledgment, and discipline.
  • Set limits and boundaries in the classroom while building skills through relationships.
  • Allow flexibility and emotional space for students—particularly those with pronounced social, emotional, or behavioral needs.
  • Discover an approach to SEL that works across all frameworks and initiatives.
  • Study the supportive discipline framework to replace detrimental behaviors with prosocial skills.
  • Give feedback that supports consistency and builds connections.
  • Provide support that matches a behavior’s function.

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