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Equitable Instruction, Empowered Students

A Teacher’s Guide to Inclusive and Culturally Competent Classrooms

By: Carissa R. McCray

Author Carissa R. McCray offers instructional practices for teachers and educators that encourage students to tear down the injustices surrounding them by providing the tools to combat biases inherent in education.

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Create a classroom culture that encourages equity and justice

Learn practical strategies for ensuring each of your students feels valued, welcomed, and empowered. Author Carissa R. McCray provides the tools to combat biases inherent in education with pedagogy that encourages students to dismantle the injustices surrounding them. Tackling every angle of the classroom, from instructional practices and curriculum to classroom culture and communication, the book provides opportunities for reflection and inspires readers to ignite change.

This book will build pedagogical and communication skills to:

  • Understand the injustices inherent in education
  • Design a curriculum that fosters equity and justice
  • Create a classroom environment where any student can feel safe and heard
  • Enact both a mission and a vision in pedagogical practices
  • Enable effective communication with both students and families
  • Provide diverse assessments that address every type of learner

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