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Leading a Competency-Based Elementary School

The Marzano Academies Model

By: Robert J. Marzano, Brian J. Kosena

With: Barbara Hubbs

Implement effective competency-based education in elementary schools and lead them to academic achievement with the help of this valuable guide by Robert J. Marzano and Brian J. Kosena with Barbara Hubbs.

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Format: Paperback

Become a high-performing elementary school through competency-based education

Transition from a traditional school to a high reliability organization that ensures students master academic, cognitive, and metacognitive skills and knowledge. Rooted in decades of research, this valuable guide outlines how K–5 leaders can implement an effective competency-based education system. You’ll employ 16 leading indicators to measure your school’s high reliability status and discover a process to create and address lagging indicators based on collected data.

Use this book to:

  • Understand why competency-based education drives school effectiveness and school improvement.
  • Discover how to shift from traditional practices to competency-based learning and data-driven instruction.
  • Review 16 school-level indicators implemented by Marzano Academies schools.
  • Learn how to collectively monitor student learning and respond to lagging indicators.
  • Receive and adapt research-based strategies and tools to address your school’s specific needs.

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Product Code: BKL054

ISBN: 9781943360413

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