Loving What They Learn

Loving What They Learn

Research-Based Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

By: Alexander McNeece

Achieve high engagement by building competence, autonomy, and content relevance in students, resulting in positive academic self-concept and self-efficacy. Readers will gain research-based instructional strategies for connecting with disengaged students and building positive student-teacher relationships

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Research-based strategies for increasing student engagement and building self-efficacy.

Deep learning is possible for all students, regardless of subject, grade, or previous experience. In Loving What They Learn, author Alexander McNeece explains how high engagement nurtures the needs—for competence, autonomy, and content relevance—that students have, provides tools to measure how well those needs are being met in the classroom, and reveals science-based strategies that fill the gap.

See how to increase learner engagement:

  • Study the engagement gap’s impacts and how to create a lasting culture that bridges that gap, developing a growth mindset in learners.
  • Encounter real-world anecdotes about different students, and see the research-based learning strategies in action.
  • Become familiar with student needs and the effect their fulfillment has on student engagement and achievement.
  • Discover dozens of research-backed teaching strategies that help fulfill students’ various cognitive and affective needs, giving them increased autonomy and self-efficacy in the classroom.
  • Self-assess how well engagement is cultivated in four domains, and compare those results with student engagement inventory data.

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