The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music

The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music

By: Mark Onuscheck, Robert J. Marzano, Jon Grice

Discover art- and music-specific instructional strategies built on the foundation of The New Art and Science of Teaching framework. Teach technical skills alongside artistic development to support students’ portfolios, repertoires, and creative expression.

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Effective teaching strategies designed for music and art education

Ensure your art and music programs thrive with the support of The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music. Built on the foundation of Robert J. Marzano’s New Art and Science of Teaching framework, this research-based book for art and music teachers outlines music- and arts-based teaching strategies. Rely on the book’s myriad strategies to enhance your daily practice and promote the artistic expression, creative growth, and critical thinking skills of every student.

Use this art and music education book to establish effective teaching strategies that inspire creative and technical skills:

  • Explore a model for strengthening instructional strategies for art and music.
  • Understand which elements of instruction are best suited to teaching art and music and utilize the specific suggestions and techniques for implementing these elements.
  • Receive time-tested strategies and ideas to improve teaching and learning in art and music classrooms.
  • Examine teaching methods for increasing student engagement in art and music programs.
  • Confront the unique challenges found in art and music education and feel inspired to collaborate with other teachers to continuously improve fine or creative arts programs.

A joint publication of ASCD and Solution Tree

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