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Personalized Deeper Learning

By: James A. Bellanca

Access simple yet powerful personalized learning plans that any teacher—regardless of grade, existing curriculum, or student load—can adapt, scale, and sustain. Achieve deep learning with teaching strategies that foster students’ cognitive, digital, and social emotional learning (SEL) skills.

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A how-to guide for deep learning and student engagement with any curriculum

Foster deeper learning with two templates—one for students, the other for teachers—that increase student agency and learning transfer within critical skill sets. Any teacher—regardless of grade, existing curriculum, or student load—can adapt, scale, and sustain these powerful personalized learning plans. Chapters include driving questions, concrete strategies, helpful tool examples, playlists, sample rubrics, and more.

  • Explore the three critical skill sets needed to thrive in the 21st century: (1) complex cognitive, (2) social-emotional, and (3) digital.
  • Learn how to foster a trusting learning environment that enhances student engagement in a digital curriculum.
  • Understand how digital-management tools, electronic templates, and websites can help transform the classroom into a place where students experience deeper learning and higher-order thinking.
  • Observe numerous classroom examples of personalized deeper learning at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Study specific teaching strategies to enhance learning transfer.

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