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PLC and Your Small School

Building, Deepening, and Sustaining a Culture of Collaboration for Singletons

By: Breez Longwell Daniels

Learn how your small school can build a successful and effective professional learning community (PLC) while staying true to its rural, small-town roots. Help your rural area students achieve their academic goals.

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An action guide for building an effective PLC system in a small school

Small schools can have a big impact. With the guidance of author Breez Longwell Daniels, an award-winning principal in Wyoming, you will learn how to build a successful professional learning community (PLC) in your small school. The resource addresses every key aspect of a PLC system and outlines how to drive immense academic success while staying true to your school’s small-town roots.

  • Learn how to define your school’s mission and vision in a way that both centers the school’s role within the community and builds a foundation for a strong PLC.
  • Become familiar with how to develop a strong PLC school system in a small school or rural area that contains many singleton and shared teachers.
  • Learn how to effectively collect and use data to increase the effectiveness of your PLC system.
  • Study the research and real-world examples that support the strategies and concepts introduced in the book to help students meet their academic goals.

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