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The Power of Effective Reading Instruction

How Neuroscience Informs Instruction Across All Grades and Disciplines

By: Karen Gazith

Karen Gazith holds a strong belief that teachers play a critical role in the success of their students. She emphasizes the need for effective instruction for all and intervention for those in need. This guide offers evidence-based practices for reading instruction that transform student proficiency across all content areas.

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Effective reading strategies that transform readers across all content areas

Without building strong reading skills, students often struggle to perform well in school and in life. Author Karen Gazith, through neuroscience, research-supported tools, and strategies, explores how children learn to read and how it should inform effective reading practices in schools. K–12 educators with this guide will find resources and reproducible tools to implement reading instruction and interventions, no matter the subject taught.

K–12 teachers and leaders will:

  • Learn what neuroscience research says about how children learn to read, why some students struggle to read, and how this knowledge informs best practices
  • Understand the big five of reading and how to apply each element in their teaching
  • Gain strategies that target fundamental reading skills, like decoding and fluency
  • Master instructional approaches like acceleration, push-in and pull-out, and anchor activities to support students who are off track

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ISBN: 9781954631779

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