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STEM Is for Everyone

Strategies for Engaging Multilingual Learners in the K–12 Classroom

By: Darlyne de Haan

Author Darlyne de Haan offers interactive methods to help K–12 teachers understand multilingual learners’ unique needs and why culturally responsive teaching is crucial to STEM classrooms. Her claim-evidence-reasoning approach encourages educators to engage students in STEM discussions with confidence, no matter their level of English proficiency.

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Help multilingual learners thrive in STEM

Discover how to bridge linguistic barriers and deliver meaningful, engaging lessons to all K–12 students, including multilingual learners. With culturally responsive teaching, scaffolding, and scientific approaches such as Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER), author Darlyne de Haan proposes general education STEM teachers can seal the leaky STEM pipeline that impacts many multilingual students, providing all students with equitable instruction and opportunities in STEM.

This book helps educators:

  • Learn about the leaky STEM pipeline and why it matters
  • Organize cooperative learning groups that encourage rigorous learning
  • Implement culturally responsive teaching and culturally responsive pedagogy approaches
  • Work with simulated examples of multilingual learners
  • Use scaffolding to leverage students’ strengths in twelve key ways
  • Pique students’ curiosity and engagement with the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning approach

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ISBN: 9781960574060

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