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Success for Our Youngest Learners

Embracing the PLC at Work® Process at the Early Childhood Level

By: Barbara Cirigliano

Put preK learners on the path to a great education by embracing the professional learning communities (PLC) process. Ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, and special education students in blended classrooms.

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A pacing guide for early childhood educators in a professional learning community

Put young learners on the path to a great education by embracing the professional learning community (PLC) process. Designed specifically for early childhood educators, this practical resource details the foundational ideas and concepts of a successful PLC. Discover how to build collaborative preK teacher teams, develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum, design meaningful assessment and intervention, and more.

  • Discover how to use the PLC process to specifically cater to the needs of preK students.
  • Receive guidance and strategies necessary to build a strong collaborative structure in your school, including for blended classrooms.
  • Acquire best practices for organizing teams and making the most of team time.
  • Understand how to construct assessment for young students, including those in preschool, kindergarten, and special education.
  • Learn how to collect data and provide interventions based on the results.

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