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The Trusted Teacher

A Reflective Guide for Impactful Relationships With Secondary Students

By: Erica Battle

Structured around the author’s IMPACT framework, this book provides grades 6–12 teachers, SEL coordinators, instructional coaches, and administrators with strategies to build meaningful, impactful relationships. Each chapter delves into a letter of the IMPACT acronym: intentional, meaningful, practical, authentic, consistent, and teamwork.

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Format: Paperback

Build meaningful, impactful teacher-student relationships

Author Erica Battle adds to the conversation on social and emotional learning, providing teachers with tried-and-true practices that will enable them to form meaningful relationships with secondary students. Her IMPACT framework emphasizes key elements of a trusting classroom environment with practices that are intentional, meaningful, practical, authentic, consistent, and foster teamwork. With reflection prompts and checklists, teachers can connect with their students and build impactful relationships.

This book will help secondary educators:

  • Understand how each component of the IMPACT framework builds a positive, affirming classroom environment
  • Reflect on content with end-of-chapter prompts
  • See practices in action with stories from other teachers
  • Utilize checklists, organizers, and numerous strategies for implementation
  • Collaborate with colleagues to prioritize meaningful teacher-student relationships

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