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The Way Forward

PLC at Work® and the Bright Future of Education

By: Anthony Muhammad

Read, reflect, and act with educator and best-selling author Anthony Muhammad as he dives into the educational hurdles of the past, pairing them with tips to face the current challenges in education and ways to build a better tomorrow—all through the PLC at Work® process, a powerful disrupter in the world of education.

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Format: Paperback

Tips and tools to address the past, present, and future challenges in education through PLC at Work®

Teachers today have a window of opportunity to shape education in a way that will impact the profession for generations. In this compelling and comprehensive book, educator and best-selling author Anthony Muhammad explores the educational hurdles of the past in the context of present-day concerns and envisions an education system where all schools energetically embrace the PLC at Work® process.

This book will help K–12 educators:

  • Reflect on the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning and educator approaches
  • Gain insight on what professional learning communities are
  • Differentiate between PLC and PLC Lite and understand the role of commitment in an effective PLC
  • Apply lessons learned from past challenges in education to present-day concerns
  • Determine how to face teacher morale and retention, student trauma and mental health, inequitable funding and accountability systems, and student academic achievement gaps
  • Understand the racial, gender, and disability movements of the past

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ISBN: 9781958590898

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