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What’s Next?

Monthly Extensions to Challenge Proficient Students in a PLC

By: Mark Weichel, Steve Pearce

Take the guesswork out of question four within the PLC at Work® process. Enhance your students’ learning experiences with in-depth strategies for a more personalized learning approach. Gain the tools you need to preassess your students and deliver instructional strategies to further their learning.

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Format: Paperback

A Complete Guide to Implement PLC Question Four with Ease

Be prepared to enrich students who already know your planned curriculum. What’s Next? provides the tools you need to preassess students and practical strategies to further their learning. Concrete examples from different content areas and grade levels illustrate the ideas in action. Written for singletons and teacher teams alike, this comprehensive resource allows you to test and choose the strategies that work best for your classroom.

This book will show you how to:

  • Recognize the purpose of question 4 within the PLC at Work® process: What do I do when they already know it?
  • Rethink instruction to empower students to further their learning.
  • Implement a variety of strategies for students to show what they know.
  • Use a different strategy each month and choose what works best.
  • Fully implement question 4 by combining the strategies that best suit your classroom.

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ISBN: 9781951075835

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