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Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School Book Study List

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School principal Bo Ryan, literacy coach Sarah Henry, and assistant principal Brendan Hines read and discussed dozens of Solution Tree books that were used for learning, sharing, creating, and research. Learn how book studies helped the school make significant progress toward closing the achievement gap and improving overall student performance by viewing their success story.
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  1. How to Leverage PLCs for School Improvement

    How to Leverage PLCs for School Improvement

    By: Sharon V. Kramer


    Discover how to build a professional learning community that fosters collaboration and collective responsibility to create lasting change and improve student learning schoolwide.



  2. Game Plan

    Game Plan

    A Playbook for Developing Winning PLCs at Work

    By: Héctor García, Katherine McCluskey, Shelley Taylor

    Foreword by: Richard DuFour

    Create a uniform game plan to foster a collaborative community of learners, develop a shared focus, and meet growth goals.



  3. Beyond the Common Core

    Beyond the Common Core

    A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Leaders Guide

    Edited by: Timothy D. Kanold

    By: Timothy D. Kanold, Matthew R. Larson

    Learn 10 high-leverage actions your collaborative team should take before, during, and immediately following a unit of mathematics instruction.

    Regular Price: USD$36.95

    Special Price: USD$17.48


  4. Unstoppable Learning

    Unstoppable Learning

    Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential

    By: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey


    Learn how to adapt learning in response to students individual needs, create clear learning targets, prepare effective lessons, and more.



  5. Strategies for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, K–5

    Strategies for Mathematics Instruction and Intervention, K–5

    By: Darlene Crane, Chris Weber


    Prepare students to move forward in mathematics learning, and ensure their continued growth in critical thinking and problem solving.



  6. Uniting Academic and Behavior Interventions

    Uniting Academic and Behavior Interventions

    Solving the Skill or Will Dilemma

    By: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber, Tom Hierck

    Explore a step-by-step process for determining, targeting, and observing academic and behavior interventions that ensure students' long-term success.



  7. It's About Time

    It's About Time

    Planning Interventions and Extensions in Elementary School

    Edited by: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos

    Contributors: Brian K. Butler, Paul Goldberg, Merrilou Harrison, Susan B. Huff, Lillie G. Jessie, Sharon V. Kramer, Maria Nielsen, Regina Stephens Owens, Will Remmert, Paula Rogers, Chris Weber, John Wink

    Foreword by: Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour


    Discover how to carve out effective intervention and extension time at all three tiers of the RTI pyramid.



  8. It's About Time

    It's About Time

    Planning Interventions and Extensions in Secondary School

    Edited by: Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum

    Contributors: Jack Baldermann, Luis F. Cruz, Joe Doyle, Darin L. Fahrney, Paul Goldberg, Aaron Hansen, Dennis King, Regina Stephens Owens, Steve Pearce, Rich Rodriguez, Bob Sonju, Timothy S. Stuart, Jane Wagmeister

    Foreword by: Richard DuFour

    Discover how to revamp and increase interventions in your school or district to provide compassionate, transformative support to all students.



  9. Making Time at Tier 2

    Making Time at Tier 2

    Creating a Supplemental Intervention Period in Secondary Schools

    By: Mike Mattos

    Discover practical strategies to incorporate innovative Tier 2 intervention and enrichment periods into the school day.



  10. Design in Five

    Design in Five

    Essential Phases to Create Engaging Assessment Practice

    By: Nicole Dimich

    Foreword by: Douglas Reeves

    Discover how to work with your school team to create innovative, effective, engaging assessments using a five-phase design protocol.



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