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  1. Redefining Fair

    Redefining Fair

    How to Plan, Assess, and Grade for Excellence in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

    By: Damian Cooper

    Foreword by: Michael Fullan

    Learn how to implement equitable instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting practices to help diverse 21st century learners reach proficiency.



  2. Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework

    Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework

    By: Kay Burke, Eileen Depka

    Understand the basics of RTI and its connection to formative assessment, and adjust instruction to increase levels of student understanding and achievement with this practical guide.



  3. Engaging the Nintendo Generation

    Engaging the Nintendo Generation

    Real Student Involvement in Assessment

    By: Sharon V. Kramer

    Dr. Kramer draws on recent research and extensive firsthand experience to illustrate a classroom model where students motivate, guide, and manage their own learning.



  4. Elements of Grading

    Elements of Grading

    A Guide to Effective Practice

    By: Douglas Reeves

    Learn several strategies for improving grading practices, while examining the common arguments against reform. The book includes examples, case studies, and opportunities for reflection.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price: USD$22.46


  5. Making Homework Matter

    Making Homework Matter

    By: Cassandra Erkens

    Understand the value of student mistakes, the importance of formative assessment, and the critical effect of student involvement in setting and achieving learning targets.

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


  6. The Last Frontier

    The Last Frontier

    Tackling the Grading Dilemma

    By: Ken O'Connor

    Ken outlines eight fundamental grading guidelines to create a standards-based grading system that is meaningful, consistent, and supportive of learning.

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


  7. Content, Then Process

    Content, Then Process

    Teacher Learning Communities in the Service of Formative Assessment

    By: Dylan Wiliam

    Dr. Wiliam offers practical techniques to embed formative assessment in regular classroom practice, and illustrates the value of sustained teacher learning communities (TLCS).

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


  8. Balanced Assessment

    Balanced Assessment

    From Formative to Summative

    By: Kay Burke

    Learn how to integrate formative and summative assessments seamlessly into instruction. Research, strategies, and examples help teachers monitor, grade, and gauge student ability to meet standards.



  9. Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading

    Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading

    Learn how to design, interpret, and systematically use three different types of formative assessments and how to track student progress and assign meaningful grades.



  10. Assessment Leaders set

    Assessment Leaders set

    Edited by: Thomas R. Guskey

    Contributors: Cassandra Erkens, William M. Ferriter, Michelle Goodwin, Tammy Heflebower, Tom Hierck, Charles Hinman, Susan B. Huff, Chris Jakicic, Dennis King, Sharon V. Kramer, Jeffry Overlie, Ainsley B. Rose, Nicole Dimich, Mark Weichel, Adam Young

    You have the power to ignite positive change. Be a leader in your field, whether you’re a classroom teacher or a building-level administrator.



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