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  1. Breaking With Tradition

    Breaking With Tradition

    The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCs at Work™

    By: Brian M. Stack, Jonathan G. Vander Els

    Discover how to shift to a competency-based education system that replaces traditional, ineffective practices with a new model that fosters personalized, student-centered learning. This learner-centered approach will help you assess performance to ensure learning for all students.



  2. Assessing Unstoppable Learning

    Assessing Unstoppable Learning

    Edited by: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

    By: Tom Hierck, Angela Freese

    This title focuses on the element of assessing in the Unstoppable Learning model and offers step-by-step actions for reworking your assessment systems.



  3. Making Classroom Assessments Reliable and Valid

    Making Classroom Assessments Reliable and Valid

    By: Robert J. Marzano

    Learn why classroom assessments should become the primary method for formally measuring student learning and how to revamp them to ensure validity and reliability.



  4. Pathways to Proficiency

    Pathways to Proficiency

    Implementing Evidence-Based Grading

    By: Troy Gobble, Mark Onuscheck, Anthony R. Reibel, Eric Twadell

    This book provides the pathway for implementing evidence-based grading practices in schools through a straightforward, five-phase creative model.



  5. Softening the Edges

    Softening the Edges

    Assessment Practices That Honor K–12 Teachers and Learners

    By: Katie White

    Foreword by: Cassandra Erkens

    Choose soft edges over hard edges to deliver assessment for learning and student engagement. Align students’ and teachers’ needs with assessment practices meant to meet learning targets. Use responsible assessment methods to smoothly guide students so confidence grows and their experiences are positive and relevant.



  6. Designing Effective Assessments

    Designing Effective Assessments

    By: James H. Stronge, Leslie W. Grant, Xianxuan Xu

    Discover ten key assessment design tools for K–12 educators and learn proven strategies for incorporating them into your practices.



  7. Essential Assessment

    Essential Assessment

    Six Tenets for Bringing Hope, Efficacy, and Achievement to the Classroom

    By: Nicole Dimich, Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer

    Explore six essential tenets of assessment that will help deepen your understanding of assessment to meet standards and enhance your students’ academic success.



  8. Simplifying Common Assessment

    Simplifying Common Assessment

    By: Kim Bailey, Chris Jakicic

    Discover how to write and use team-designed common formative assessments that help ensure all students master essential skills and concepts.



  9. Creating a Culture of Feedback

    Creating a Culture of Feedback

    By: William M. Ferriter, Paul Cancellieri

    Discover how to shift your classroom focus to prioritize effective feedback over grades, giving students all the information they need to succeed.



  10. Mindful Assessment

    Mindful Assessment

    The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning

    By: Lee Watanabe-Crockett, Andrew Churches

    Educators must focus assessment on mindfulness and feedback, framing assessment around six fluencies students need to cultivate for 21st century success.



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