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  1. Teaching Our Children to Think

    Teaching Our Children to Think

    By: John Langrehr

    Help students develop many of the valuable critical and creative thinking skills that have been identified by educators as essential, including questioning, classifying, inferring, and predicting.



  2. Record Book Plus

    Record Book Plus

    By: Lee Canter

    Record Book Plus includes open-ended and traditional grading sheets, behavior-management documentation sheets, and parent communication resources with helpful tips and guidelines.



  3. Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

    Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

    Over 90 Activities for Developing Character, Responsibility, and the Courage to Achieve

    By: Laurie S. Frank, Ambrose Panico

    Engaging activities encourage your students to create a classroom community that supports character development, academic excellence, and individual and social responsibility.



  4. Total Instructional Alignment

    Total Instructional Alignment

    From Standards to Student Success

    By: Lisa Carter

    Foreword by: Lawrence W. Lezotte

    Replace an antiquated education system with a flexible, proactive one that ensures learning for all by focusing on three important domains of the alignment process.



  5. Focused Instruction

    Focused Instruction

    An Innovative Teaching Model for All Learners

    By: Gwen Doty

    Effectively respond to diverse learning styles and achievement levels with strategies and reproducible tools that help you customize, scaffold, and layer your instruction.



  6. Why Culture Counts

    Why Culture Counts

    Teaching Children of Poverty

    By: Donna Walker Tileston, Sandra K. Darling

    Foreword by: Belinda Williams

    Learn a four-step research-based program for differentiating instruction based on the cultural needs, beliefs, and values of diverse learners.



  7. Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy

    Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy

    Strategies for Learning

    By: Jan Rozzelle, Carol Scearce

    This comprehensive collection of powerful literacy tools and strategies for secondary teachers is based on research from top literacy experts.

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    Special Price: USD$26.21


  8. Teaching Your Secondary ELLs the Academic Language of Tests

    Teaching Your Secondary ELLs the Academic Language of Tests

    Focusing on English Language Arts

    By: r4 Educated Solutions

    Teach your ELLs unfamiliar language features before they encounter these words in core content areas and standardized test questions.



  9. Designing & Teaching Learning Goals & Objectives

    Designing & Teaching Learning Goals & Objectives

    By: Robert J. Marzano

    This book summarizes key research behind designing and teaching learning goals and objectives and translates that research into step-by-step hands-on strategies.



  10. Head of the Class

    Head of the Class

    The Collected Kappan Cartoons for Educators

    By: Phi Delta Kappa International

    Treat yourself and your colleagues to a healthy dose of laughter with this compilation of the best cartoons ever published in Phi Delta Kappan.



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