Making Grades Matter

Making Grades Matter

Standards-Based Grading in a Secondary PLC at Work®

By: Matt Townsley, Nathan L. Wear

Rely on this practical guide to help your PLC implement a standards-based grading system at the secondary education level. Further your professional growth as an educator and discover motivational strategies for students to help them increase achievement.

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A practical guide for PLCs and standards-based grading at the secondary education level

Maximize learning by making grades more meaningful and motivating to students. With the support of this practical guide, professional learning communities (PLCs) will discover a clear road map for implementing a standards-based grading system at the secondary level. The authors provide all of the actionable ideas and tools needed to not only transition to this improved system but to achieve the greatest possible success with it.

  • Study the foundational theories behind the standards-based grading system and how it interacts with and is supported by the PLC process.
  • Learn how to use grades to effectively communicate students’ mastery of learning standards.
  • See what makes ungraded homework and independent practice a better tool to improve learning and enhance students’ motivation to study.
  • Understand the value of allowing students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning when taking assessments.
  • Gain valuable insights for administrators and leaders into the multiyear journey of implementing standards-based grading.

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“Matt Townsley and Nathan L. Wear offer a compelling rationale, a step-by-step guide, and concrete tools that address the complexities of grading reform at the middle and high school levels. Most importantly, teacher empowerment is at the heart of their process and a key to their success. Their keen insights and deep respect for the daily life of secondary teachers make this a unique and valuable resource.”

Cathy Vatterott, author of Rethinking Homework and Rethinking Grading

“Educators have been struggling for years how to best address grading practices in schools. Making Grades Matter not only gives us a clear blueprint to help understand why grading practices need to change, but it provides a step-by-step process, practical tools and examples, and in-depth resources to help educators move to a grading system that will bring more equitable learning for all students.”

Jimmy Casas, educator, author, speaker, and leadership coach

“This is the book that high schools need if they are implementing, are thinking about implementing, or even if they have already implemented a standards-based grading system. Matt Townsley and Nathan Wear demonstrate brilliantly how three standards-based grading principles link with the three big ideas that drive professional learning communities. As I read this book, I kept seeing ideas and resources that I wish I had thought of and that I would like to use when I work with high schools.”

Ken O'Connor, consultant and author, Ontario

“With practical examples and processes for both teachers and administrators, Making Grades Matter clearly explains how to implement standards-based grading at the secondary level. Matt Townsley and Nathan L. Wear highlight the essential connection between professional learning communities and standards-based grading and how they collectively maximize students’ learning.”

Garnet Hillman, educational consultant and coauthor of Standards-Based Learning in Action and Coaching Your Classroom

“If you're ready to implement standards-based grading––especially if you're part of a professional learning community––let this book be your guide.”

Josh Kunnath, English teacher and department chair, Highland High School, California

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