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  1. 20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

    20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

    Increasing Rigor in Middle & High School Classrooms

    By: Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins, Allyson J. Burnett

    This book provides 20 research-based strategies designed to help students meet the Common Core State Standards and become expert readers.

    Regular Price: USD$39.95

    Special Price: USD$28.46


  2. Beyond the Common Core

    Beyond the Common Core

    A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Grades K–5

    Edited by: Timothy D. Kanold

    By: Juli K. Dixon, Thomasenia Lott Adams, Edward C. Nolan

    Learn 10 high-leverage actions your collaborative team should take before, during, and immediately following a unit of grades K–5 mathematics instruction.

    Regular Price: USD$36.95

    Special Price: USD$17.48


  3. Bringing Innovation to School

    Bringing Innovation to School

    Empowering Students to Thrive in a Changing World

    By: Suzie Boss

    Foreword by: Chris Lehmann

    Activate your students’ creativity and problem-solving potential with breakthrough learning projects that teach students how to generate innovative ideas and then put them into action.



  4. Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

    Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

    Teaching & Learning in a Web 2.0 World

    By: Meg Ormiston

    This book provides a research base and practical strategies for using web 2.0 tools to create engaging lessons that transform and enrich content.

    Regular Price: USD$26.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  5. Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

    Creating Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences

    By: William M. Ferriter

    Gain strategies for reshaping the traditional classroom to give modern students opportunities to exercise choice in their curriculum and master new skills.

    Regular Price: USD$17.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  6. Cultural Literacy for the Common Core

    Cultural Literacy for the Common Core

    Six Steps to Powerful, Practical Instruction for All Learners

    By: Bonnie M. Davis

    Foreword by: Mary Kim Schreck

    Discover a six-step framework for becoming culturally literate that complements the Common Core and encourages students to be at the center of learning.

    Regular Price: USD$36.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  7. Designing Teacher-Student Partnership Classrooms

    Designing Teacher-Student Partnership Classrooms

    By: Meg Ormiston

    Discover how teachers can become learning partners with their students. Help students develop enthusiasm for learning and employ deep learning goals.

    Regular Price: USD$17.95

    Special Price: USD$8.98


  8. Enriched Learning Projects

    Enriched Learning Projects

    A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills

    By: James A. Bellanca

    Translate standards-based content into enriched learning projects that build 21st century skills. This book also highlights e-tools that enhance learning projects and offers research-based instructional strategies.

    Regular Price: USD$36.95

    Special Price: USD$26.21


  9. From Tired to Inspired

    From Tired to Inspired

    Fresh Strategies to Engage Students in Literacy

    By: Mary Kim Schreck

    In this Common Core State Standards-aligned book, educators will discover research-based tips and strategies to improve literacy in upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

    Regular Price: USD$36.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  10. The Global School

    The Global School

    Connecting Classrooms and Students Around the World

    By: William Kist

    Wrapped in a 21st century skills framework, this book offers specific steps to globalize your classroom and strategies to encourage higher-order thinking.

    Regular Price: USD$31.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


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