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Teaching With the Instructional Cha-Chas

Four Steps to Make Learning Stick

By: LeAnn Nickelsen, Melissa Dickson

Combining educational neuroscience, formative assessment, and differentiated instruction strategies to improve student achievement, Nickelsen and Dickson create a four-step instructional cycle that educators can easily implement.

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Neuroscience, formative assessment, and differentiated instruction strategies for student success

Merging educational neuroscience with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction, LeAnn Nickelsen and Melissa Dickson developed a four-step cycle of instruction—(1) chunk, (2) chew, (3) check, and (4) change—that has the power to double the speed of student learning. Compatible with any subject area, the book’s brain-friendly teaching strategies and plentiful tools are designed to help transform students into active learners and independent thinkers.

Educational neuroscience- and research-based teaching strategies to improve student achievement:

  • Combine brain science with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Examine effective teaching strategies and differentiation practices so you can bump it up or break it down according to student needs.
  • Consider the four-step instructional cycle and understand the components of chunk, chew, check, and change.
  • Explore how the formative assessment process can double the speed of learning.
  • Learn how to plan instruction and preassess efficiently so that daily learning targets and formative assessments enable each student to meet standards.
  • Receive templates and teaching strategies that can be easily differentiated and implemented in daily lesson plans.

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Product Code: BKF822, EKF416

ISBN: 9781945349959

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 240

“This is a valuable and practical resource for any teacher who wants to increase student learning.”

Eric Jensen, professional developer and author

“An African proverb states that ‘When the music changes, so does the dance.’ In our highly diverse classrooms, the music has changed, making it an imperative that our teaching (the dance) change as well. LeAnn Nickelsen and Melissa Dickson provide you with all the steps to respond to the variety of moves you need to keep your students dancing to success. They provide you with step-by-step instructions, full of ideas and valuable research to make learning stick. From a fast cha-cha to a more subdued waltz, let Nickelsen and Dickson help you sync your dance to the music!”

Richard M. Cash, EdD, nRich Educational Consulting, Inc., consultant, author, Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century

“I have no doubt that Nickelsen and Dickson will become the new champions of their own dance, Teaching Like the Stars.”

Katie McKnight, founder, Engaging Learners