Reaching Every Student With the RTI at Work™ Model Webinar

Reaching Every Student With the RTI at Work™ Model Webinar


Reaching Every Student With the RTI at Work™ Model Webinar

Hallsville Independent School District, located in northeast Texas, primarily serves students that have been traditionally underserved in school. Eight years ago, the district began the journey to become a professional learning community. Staff worked together to provide every student with access to a rigorous curriculum, effective initial teaching, and systemic interventions and enrichment through the RTI at Work™ model.

Four years after beginning this process, the district earned the state۪s highest accountability rating as a result of staff efforts, and student achievement continues to be high. Kindergarten end-of-year Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) scores increased from 77% in 2011 to 92% in 2014. Both the fifth- and eighth-grade math scores indicated a 98% passing rate (19% above the state average). District reading scores were 91% in grade five (15% above the state average) and 93% in grade eight (11% above the state average). The district was also honored to be included in a research study supported by the United States Department of Education about effective RTI practices.

Join Mike Mattos, RTI at Work™ cocreator, and Paula Rogers, deputy superintendent of Hallsville and Solution Tree RTI at Work™ associate, for this complimentary webinar. They will discuss how the staff at Hallsville successfully embedded the PLC at Work™ and RTI at Work™ processes into their daily work.

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